About me

Hi! I’m Hannah, the face behind all this.

I’m a mountain girl & ocean child with a passion for capturing moments.

And apart from the whole camera thing? Lover of the outdoors, happy camper, free spirit and former Media Design student, passionate for the art of documentary and storytelling.

I love to connect with people on an open and honest level. To me, this is the most precious part of life (and my work). Inspiring each other, supporting each other, empowering each other.

Living, capturing and crafting together the magic of these real, raw moments in live is what this is all about for me. Therefore, what I can bring to your project is telling your story in an authentic and engaging way, with a love for details while always keeping the big picture in mind.

This is what „photo and video productions with heart“ means to me.

My Background

Growing up landlocked between the Rhine Valley and the Black Forest in southern Germany, I’ve always been drawn to the ocean. My passion for photography began with landscapes, but it was the surf culture and eventually the thrill and uniqueness of shooting in the water that truly fueled my growth. 

Accordingly, I spent many winters in the Atlantic shores in Hossegor, France and Nazaré, Portugal. But after quenching my thirst for the sea, I reconnected with my mountain roots. Today, I find joy in working anywhere outdoors, no matter if it’s shorelines or mountain ranges. 

During my studies, my love for writing and photography evolved into a fascination with filmmaking and storytelling. Yet, my background in media design – including fields such as marketing, creative writing, media conception, and web design – remains integral to realizing creative projects holistically and sustainably.

My experience spans from years as an independent photo-/videographer to months contributing to an international Emmy-award-winning documentary production in Portugal.